Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Subtraction Time!

During the third grade intervention group we really worked on subtraction.  I used games, number talks, and paper pencil practice (some kids actually love to just sit and work on a worksheet) to help solidify their subtraction facts so they could be fluent with them. 

This game is called, "Find the Difference".  It is from 
In this game you put out three rows of three cards and roll a die.  You keep the rest of the cards in a stack face down.  You roll a die and look for two cards in the rows that have a difference that equals your number.

You take out those two cards and replace them with the face down stack.  The person who collects the most cards in the end is the winner of this game.  Sometimes my students do not like to play winning and losing games so if they decide they don't want a winning or losing game, they just play together taking out the cards that they see and when they have collected all the cards they can, they start a new round.  I tell them each time that even if they are playing a winning/losing game, the actual goal is always to be practicing, thinking, and doing math.