Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome Back!

For the first few weeks of school, I go in to assess the students with the new PNOA math screening we have.  I love it!  It is quick and to the point!  I know right away who knows how to count and who doesn't.  I can make lists of who I want to go back and give the full assessment to, who I will need to keep my eye on, and who I need to see right away.

In my first blog, I mentioned that I wanted to post some sites that I really like.  One of the sites I go to is  They have some really good tasks and games.  There are videos to show you how to play the games or what the task might look like.  

This is based on the Math Recovery curriculum.  It is a great site to help build numeracy and foundational skills.  My first goal will be to help the Kindergarten students count.  One student knew how to count objects to 6 but did not know how to rote count.  

I like giving this initial assessment because it gives me a chance to get to know the kids and get right into their thinking and reasoning.  Each year I get a new response and when I think I've heard it all, I haven't.  This year while holding up 6 fingers, the student said 150.  Most just count my fingers but this student was sure it was 150.  Seems reasonable :).  I'm going to have fun helping them!