Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Name Change

Ok, so I changed the name of my math blog.  Ever since I made that name I haven't liked it.  I mean, I like my name I just didn't think using it as Amy's Math said what I wanted it to say.

It is not just Amy's math.  This blog is about the learning progressions that students have in their math journey.

It usually takes a lot of thinking for me to come up with something but this just came to me as I was writing up my last blog.

So...I went with it.  I teach math interventions and the students I see are getting an extra helping of math. 

Sometimes it is a concept they need to revisit and practice and other times it is just a concept that they are learning currently in the classroom and just need more time with it.

I also have run math groups where I pre-teach a concept that will be taught in the classroom in an upcoming unit.

I love what I do and get so excited when I see all of the progress that students make.