Friday, May 6, 2016

More Fraction Fun!

During the fourth grade intervention group, I used Marilyn Burns' Do the Math Fractions A.  This program offers a lot of hands-on games to help develop fractional thinking and skills.

Students play, Cover Up, where they use their fraction pieces to cover a whole.  This really allows them to SEE the fractions within each other.  This will help when they compare and compute fractions.  
They also played games called, Uncover 1 and Uncover 2.  In these games they started out putting a combination of different fractions to equal 1 whole and then they rolled a die and took off that amount. 

They had a choice sometimes of exchanging fractional pieces for other fractions equaling the same amount.
Games are such a great way to help develop understanding.  Sometimes the students don't realize that the game is actually helping them learn the math.  We often have discussions on how the game or games relate to what we are learning or focusing on.  We also talk about how the games relate to other concepts.