Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chromebook Fraction Fun!

On most Friday's we have chromebook time.  Students use their chromebooks for many things in the curriculum so I decided to add in a day for our math intervention time.  There are many websites I have found that have great games for students to practice their math skills.

So far the best site I have come across is Johnnie's Math Page.  This site is great because it is a one stop shop for math games that cover all concepts in math.  Some of the students found a fraction PacMan game where you had to eat the correct fractions which were marked on the ghosts.  Another student found a smoothie site where you could make your own smoothies by following the instructions using fractional amounts.  

Games are such a great way to help solidify students' math skills!  I also relate the game back to another activity we are doing so they can see the connections.