Sunday, February 28, 2016

Would You Like Some Cookies?

In my fourth grade intervention group we are practicing multiplication and division.  We decided to go to work at the Composite Cookie Company.  I found this activity on the Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention Resource Guide.  The Composite Cookie Company let the students take and fill orders for customers.  They had to figure out how many packages of cookies the customer wanted and also how many cookies they wanted in each package.  Then they had to determine if there were any cookies leftover and decide how to package them.  
 Students worked together in small groups to take on the orders.  They really got into it!  Of course who wouldn't want to work at a cookie factory?  We kept track of our filled orders by filling in the chart on the white board.

You also can't work at a cookie factory without testing the product!  The students were so into this they each made their own cookies at home and brought them in and we had cookies while we worked.  Plus, they practiced multiplication and division.  Everyone was so engaged!