Monday, February 15, 2016

Hundred's Chart Puzzle


 I have found in my math interventions that most of the students love puzzles!  Place Value is extremely important all through math.  In second grade we do a lot with the Hundred's chart to help us with counting, adding, subtracting, and place value concepts.  This puzzle is of the hundred's chart.  For this puzzle I had a copy of the whole hundred's chart and then I had the hundred's chart cut up into pieces.  Each bag contained a different set of puzzle pieces.  The students had to put the pieces together on the hundred's chart.  For this first time I had them use the whole hundred's chart as a reference but they could put the pieces together just on the table.  We talked about how some pieces were counting by ones and some were by tens.  We looked at the pieces to figure out if we needed to put another piece before or after and if we needed to count by tens or ones.  I have to give a shout out to Pinterest for this idea.  It kept the kids completely engaged and we had some great math talk happening.