Saturday, January 30, 2016

Multiplication Monsters

In my fourth grade multiplication group, we are practicing our basic facts along with trying to develop our multiplicative reasoning skills. 

In this game, we roll two dice and multiply them together.  Then we color in the product (answer) on the monster board.  The first person to get four in a row wins.  Even though the game says the person who gets four in a row first wins, the kids ALWAYS like to play to blackout! 

Knowing their basic facts will help them as they get into more complex problems.  If they know 8x7=56 they will know 800x70=56,000.  They can also think multiplicatively for 87x7.  Using the Distributive Property, they can take 87x7 and turn it into (80+7)x7.  Then 80x7=560 and 7x7=49 and add those products (560+49) to get the final product of 609.