Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Delivery Trucks

My Fourth Grade intervention group is practicing multi-digit subtraction.  I am trying to make sure they have a solid understanding of place value so they can move to the traditional algorithm with a real understanding of how it works when we borrow, trade, or regroup numbers from different values.  

This is a game involving deliveries.  It came from the Kentucky Numeracy Project.  This site is amazing.  

The game consists of making deliveries of sticks and bundles (there are bundles of tens and hundreds). 

The students have to make trades to make sure they have enough to deliver and/or pick up.  They love this game.  We took turns pretending we were delivering to and picking up at each other's houses.  

They keep asking to play this again, even though there was a ton of mathematical thinking and problem solving that they needed to do.