Friday, October 16, 2015

Kindergarten Math Time

In my Kindergarten 
intervention group, we are learning how to count and what the amount looks like that goes with the written number.  We are also learning what number 
comes before and after any number.  We are also getting in a little practice with writing numbers.  First we played a game where we had to put our apples from the tree into the bucket.  We rolled two dice and counted the dots.  Then we found the apple with the correct number and put it in our bucket.  Then we put the apples back on the tree.

After that we played a round of Kindergarten Yahtzee.  We rolled two dice again and counted the dots.  Then we had to find that number and write the same number next to it.  

 Kindergarten Yahtzee.  They enjoyed seeing which number they would get and which numbers they got the most times.  They kept waiting and waiting to finally get numbers 11 and 12.