Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fastt Math

Yes, this is spelled correctly.  It is Fastt Math.  Fastt Math is an online program that our school uses to help students gain fluency and automaticity with their addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts.

Fastt stands for, Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching and Technology.  Yes, I did just look that up.  It always bothered me writing the two t's at the end (it just isn't spelled correctly).  Now that I know what it stands for, it is easier for me to write it that way.

Here are some pictures of a second grade class getting started with Fastt Math

Common Core Standards state that by the end of Second Grade all students should, Know From Memory, all sums of two 1-digit numbers.  From memory is where the automaticity comes from.  It should be automatic-right off the top of their head answers.  Fluency on the other hand is to have strategies to get the answer quickly but not necessarily automatic.  Common Core states that  by the end of Second Grade all students should, Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies.  

So, for example, students should know the answer to 8+7 (15) immediately (automatically).  Whereas they need to know 13+7 (20) quickly (fluently) but not automatic.  A strategy that they can quickly recall may be to know that 3+7=10 and then you add on another 10 for the ten in the 13.  Basically breaking apart the 13 into 10+3.

***I should note that the second graders loved getting on Fastt Math***

Third and Fourth Grades also use Fastt Math.  By the end of Third Grade all students should know by memory (automatically) the products (multiplication) of all 1-digit numbers and all students should be able to fluently multiply and divide within 100 using go-to strategies.

Subtraction and division strategies are taught using the relationship between addition and subtraction and also multiplication and division.

The reason the automaticity of the sums (adding) and products (multiplication) is so important is because when students have that automatic recall they can focus on more complex problems rather than trying to figure out the basics.

Here is a link of more information on Fastt Math