Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Interventions Have Started

I have started intervention groups with Kindergarten.  When I make groups, I look at the data from the beginning assessment.  Then I meet with the teachers to go over the data.  We look at the kids who we want to just give a boost to in order to get them started.  In  Kindergarten, most students just have not had the exposure or the practice with numbers.  In this beginning intervention we work on counting to 20, knowing what the amount looks like up to 20 and also knowing what the written numeral looks like up to 20.  We work on counting forward and backward.  We also work on counting starting at numbers other that 1 but within 20.  For example, we may start counting at the number 6 and count to 14 forward and then backward.

Here are some things we have done so far;
 In this activity, we had to say what the numeral was, collect that may items, and then match it with the numeral on the plate.  So for the plate that had the number 6 in it, we had to put 6 items and the card that read 6.  We did this for numbers 1-10