Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Writing Numbers--Where to Start?

Part of teaching math includes writing numbers.  Students should be able to write down numbers, equations, symbols, etc in math.  To start that with my Kindergarten group we played a few games.  The first one was, "Roll the Dice, Write the Number".  They needed to roll two dice and add the total and then find the number on the sheet and trace over it.  I find that anything that involves dice is a hit.  They enjoyed this one and finding the numbers. This lead to them wanting to write the number on their own without tracing it.  I don't have a copy saved on my computer for this game but this Math Resource site is jam packed with great games just like this one.
At first we started with crayons and they traced the numbers.

I also used a highlighter to write a number and they traced over that.  This helped them to start to notice what their hand will feel like as they learn to write their numbers.