Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Let's Make a Path to 100

Place Value is a very important skill to have.  In math intervention we work a lot on place value.  We look at more than just what number is in each different place.  We use place value to help us add, subtract, multiply, divide, and even with fractions.

The game that the kids are doing here is called, Pathways to 100.  Students use a die with only the numbers 1 and 10 on it.  They also use a blank 100's chart.  They all start at the first square and write the number 1 in that square.  Then they roll the die and if they roll a 1 they move to the next square and write in the number (2 in this first case).  If they roll a 10 they move down to the next 10 in the next row and write in that number (if a 10 was rolled first they would move down a row and write 11 in the space).  They keep rolling the die and moving either 1 over or 10 down until they reach 100.

This is a great game to use to show how we can use a filled in 100's chart by counting tens or ones.  Feel free to send me a message if you want to know more on how to play this game or any others that I have posted.   

Students can use a filled in 100's chart to help them especially if it is the first time they have played this game.

They figure out pretty quickly that the more 10's you roll the faster you move down the chart.

Of course then you have to hope you roll all ones to get you to the end  fast when you are in the last row.

This is another favorite game.