Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Treasure Hunt

This game is loved by ALL the grades I teach.  It is called Treasure Hunt.  I first discovered it from a Math Recovery website from Solon Schools but when I went to link the website here, it is no longer available.  I have taken this game and made many variations.  These pictures are from a first grade intervention group back at the beginning of this 2014-2015 school year.  We were using the numbers 14-26. I have a certain amount of star and treasure cards (let's say 13) and I take out that amount of number cards and put the stars and treasures in.  The 13 number cards become my draw pile.  Then I mix all of the cards up (except the draw pile).  I place the first number up (in this case it is 14).  I make four rows of the starting number.  You can also place the ending number face up but make sure you have the same color starting and ending number in the same row.  As the year goes on, I do not put the ending number out.  The students can figure that one out as they play the game.  After the starting number is put in rows, make rows next to each starting number with the rest of the cards.  You should have four rows of cards as seen below.  

To start the game have a player choose a card from the draw pile.  Then they need to figure out what color row it needs to go in and count on from the starting number to see where it goes in the sequence.  When they place the card down they pick up the card that was in it's place.  If that card is a number then they pass it to the next player.  If it is a star or treasure then they keep it and the next player picks a card from the draw pile.

In the end all of the cards will be in the correct color row in the correct numerical sequence.  The person with the most stars or treasures is the winner.  However, I have a dice that I wrote more and less on.  The students have to use this each time.  We roll the dice and if it lands on more then the one with the most cards wins.  If it lands on less then the one with the least amount of cards wins.  They love the more/less die!
If the card you pick up is a number then you pass it to the next person and they figure out where the number goes in the sequence and which color row it needs to go in.
If you pick up a card that is a star or treasure.  You keep the card.  The person with the most stars and treasures is the winner.  Unless of course the more/less dice says that the least amount wins.

If the person gets a star or treasure, the next person draws from the pick pile for the next number.

In the end, all of the numbers will be in the correct sequence and all of the rows will be filled with the same color.