Friday, March 6, 2015

Math Jackpot

Sometimes I feel like a complete dork.  I find math websites and get totally excited!  I feel like I've hit a jackpot when I come across a site that will help me with resources I can use to help my students succeed.  

I teach math for students who are struggling in math.  I'm not particularly fond of the word, struggling.  For the most part I believe that the students I see are not struggling with math, they just need more exposure to the concepts.  Or they need their foundation set a little stronger.

When I create my lessons for my students I try to keep in mind the common core standards and where I want my students to be according to where they are starting from.  Which leads me to the link I found.  I have been looking off and on at this link and have loved what I have seen.  It has lessons tied to common core standards.  The lessons are given by exemplar teachers and other teachers have left comments on how the lessons have worked for them.

I tried one of the lessons with my Kindergarten group a couple of days ago and they loved it.  I wish I had pictures.  We watched (I didn't have the actually book) a story and then used the story to lead into building teen numbers on a ten frame.  The link is  The story was, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  We couldn't let the pigeon drive the bus in the story but we could pretend he could as we were building the ten frames.  We counted out ten and filled up one bus and then we added some more to another bus and added them altogether.  The students had a blast!